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Make it from Scratch!
The philosophical understanding of creating
“from the world around us.”

Architectural Sculpting Medium

Conceived through biomimicry,
the entomological study of wasps
for the development of earth based composites
& sculpting mediums. sKratch works through
mechanical adhesion to bond to most surfaces.
Nano sized minerals, crystals, and fiber find the
imperfections in the surface of the area being
worked. The consistency of sKratch would be like
A type of “Eco – Dough!” Softer sKratch has less
Fiber, and is great as it bonds nicely to objects
& surfaces.. Use it with loose knit burlap to
make your own composites from sKratch!
Any shape or form can be created with this
new earth based innovation in architecture.
With sKratch being a load bearing medium, there
is no limit on the incredible and amazing ways
that sKratch can adapt “to the world around us.”