About sKratch


sKratch ~ Architectural Sculpting Mediums

 Conceived through biomimicry,
the entomological study of natural systems
for the development of earth based bio composites
& sculpting mediums. sKratch works through
mechanical adhesion to bond to most surfaces.
Nano sized minerals, crystals, and fiber find the
imperfections in the surface of the area being
worked. The consistency of sKratch would be like
A type of “Eco Dough!” Softer sKratch has less
Fiber, and is great as it bonds nicely to objects
& surfaces.. Use it with loose knit burlap to
make your own bio composites.

sKratch is an air-dry medium that can create load bearing structures, sculptural ornamentation, seamless moldings and fabrication

  • sKratch can be applied to almost any surface.
  • When dry, sKratch is something in between a rock and hard wood .
  • Dries thru evaporation, based on humidity and depth of sculpting
  • Loses approximately 20% of it’s weight when dry.
  • Does not shrink or crack.
  • Ample sculpting time, use a spray bottle of water to keep area moist.
  • You can push it, squeeze it, sculpt it, mold it, and form it any way you like.
  • sKratch is fire retardant!
  • When dry you can carve it, sand it, screw into it, and sculpt back on to it.

sKratch is the perfect balance of fiber & earth based minerals; an architectural eco-dough. 

Stable Organic Compounds

Dust is the number one cause of contamination with regard to mold & mildew.

Almost all dust around the world contain spores; these spores in a humid or wet environment go airborne and can find there way to any wet material like sKratch.

In order to extend the shelf life of sKratch and avoid contamination follow these simple rules.

  • upon receiving your order remove from the USPS shipping container package, box, or envelope. The reason for this is that I laminate the USPS boxes and envelopes with packaging tape to reinforce them against damage while in transit to your address. If you do not, it is possible that dust from inside the shipping box could go airborne and contaminate the sKratch. I do seal the bags of sKratch, however during shipping packages can be thrown around causing shifting of the material to release moisture into the shipping container, and because I laminate the packages the moisture can not escape. causing mold contamination in hot weather this can happen so remove the bag of sKratch from the shipping container before storage. sKratch comes in a heavy duty transparent 6 mil. plastic bag. If you find discoloration remove that spot and keep an eye on it to make sure it does not continue.
  • while working with sKratch; you decide to put it away for sculpting with later do not put it back into the bag it came in. This can cause contamination, because while working with the sKratch you can pick up dust. just place it into another plastic bag or container for latter use.
  • A quick fix for a punctured bag of sKratch is to take packaging tape to cover the area.
  • Following these few steps will insure the stability of sKratch, and increase the shelf life of the material.
  • sKratch should be used within a three month period of time; however follow the steps above and increase the shelf life. I and many others have had material keep for years before use.