sKratch by the gallon (SOLD OUT)

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sKratch is an air-dry sculpting medium that can create load bearing structures, sculptures, 3d ornamentation, seamless moldings and fabrication for the construction of earth-based architecture.

Expands and contracts with the seasons and can be easily sealed for exterior use on cars, buildings, statues and installations.
When dry, Skratch is something in between a rock and hard wood .
Dries thru evaporation, based on humidity and depth of sculpting
Loses approximately 20% of it’s weight when dry.
Does not shrink or crack.
Ample sculpting time, use a spray bottle of water to keep area moist.
You can push it, squeeze it, sculpt it, mold it, and form it any way you like.
Skratch is fire retardant, will not burn, rot or mold.
When dry you can carve it, sand it, screw into it, and sculpt back on to it.
Skratch is the perfect balance of treated fiber & quarried minerals.