Volume of Skratch in Space

The volume of one pound of Skratch when wet is approximately 15.5 cubic inches. A one pound amount can make a cube roughly 2.5 inches on a side. Weighs almost an ounce per cubic inch when wet. As it drys, the weight will drop by about 20% but the volume will remain the about same without noticeable shrinking.

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Getting Started Using Skratch

Skratch has a lot of similarities to other sculpting mediums yet it also is very unique in some areas. Getting used to using this new medium will take some experimentation. You can experiment with Skratch a long time without worry about it setting up, and when you are done just seal it back up and it will stay workable and ready to use again.

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Rockwork and Stone effects with Skratch

One of the easiest interior effects you can accomplish with Skratch is simulated rock. Stone work style projects can go from simple low-profile rock textures to enhance a boring surface all the way to massive sculpted effects with a monolithic stonework feel.

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